Prizes Prix Annelie de Man 2018:
1st prize: Victoria Lerche
2nd Prize: Franjo Bilic
Donemus Prize: Magdalena Jones

1st prize: Aart Strootman
2nd prize: Margareta Ferenc-Petric
Audience prize also Margareta Ferenc-Petric

Black Pencil Prize:
1st prize: Fred Momotenko
Honorary Mention: Cinzia Nistico

Application deadline: 01 January 2018
There is no age limit and no entrance fee. The competition is for composers from all nationalities. In the composition the harpsichord should have the principal role. The duration should not exceed 10 minutes.

1st prize composers competition: € 2.500
2nd prize composers competition: € 1.000
Black Pencil prize: € 1.000
Audience prize: € 500
Additional prizes will be considered

Harpsichord in chamber music settings is the preferred instrumentation. However, solo harpsichord pieces will be also considered.
We encourage the combination of harpsichord with the instruments available in the Orgelpark, please see:
We encourage composers to use the instruments of the Black Pencil ensemble for their harpsichord compositions: recorder (blockflute), panflute, viola, accordion and percussion. Please see
The harpsichord may be combined with other instruments, electronics, video and/or theatrical elements. The Annelie de Man Foundation will guarantee a live performance with an ensemble not exceeding more than 6 musicians (harpsichordist included).

Black Pencil – Ensemble in Residence
Black Pencil will be ensemble in residence in the 2018 edition of the Prix. It means that you can count on the expertise of the virtuoso members of Black Pencil for writing new compositions, making use of the instrumentation of the ensemble.
Jorge Isaac – Recorder (blockflute), Artistic Director
Matthijs Koene – Panflute
Esra Pehlivanli – Viola
Marko Kassl – Accordion
Enric Monfort – Percussion
Please check

The Black Pencil Prize will be awarded to a new composition written for the instrumentation of the Black Pencil ensemble (recorder, panflute, viola, accordion, percussion), either with or without harpsichord.

Candidates should supply:
- A biography (in English) and recent photo of the composer
- The score of the piece, together with the necessary performance instructions
- If possible a recording (aiff, wav or mp3 format), or a video file from a live performance. Midi is also accepted
- Use your real name (pseudonym is not needed)
- A composer can submit more than one composition

Please send your entry to: Your entry must be both in:
- Pdf
- Mp3

Guus Janssen (
Wim Hendrickx (
Roderik de Man (
and an organist to be selected by the Orgelpark

The jury will choose 3 works to be performed from which the winning composition will be selected. We reserve the right to make necessary changes.

Please understand that the PRIX receives many applications. Send the information about the compositions as clearly as possible.

Application deadline: 28 February 2018
The competition for harpsichordists has three rounds, and the winner will perform at the finalist concert in Orgelpark in Amsterdam.

A representative video recording will be sufficient. The deadline to submit the video recording is the same as the application deadline: 28 February 2018.

Jury preliminary rounds

Repertoire preliminary rounds
Three solo works chosen by the candidate, composed after 1960
From the preliminary rounds a maximum of 12 candidates will be selected for the second and final rounds.

- The second and final rounds will take place during the Prix Annelie de Man Competition and Festival at the Orgelpark in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
- The candidates are requested to compile a programme with a minimum duration of 30 minutes to a maximum of 40 minutes. The jury will choose 15 to 20 minutes of music from his/her programme to be performed in the second round.
- The winning candidate will play at least one of the compositions of his/hers programme at the concert during the finalist concert in Orgelpark in Amsterdam.
- All programmes should be sent no later than 4 weeks before the start of the Prix.
- All second and third round finalists are expected to attend all masterclasses and workshops of the Prix.

1st prize Harpsichord Competition: € 2500
2nd prize Harpsichord Competition: € 1000
Audience Prize

Jury second and final rounds

Repertoire second and final rounds
Requirements of the repertoire:
- all works should be composed after 1960
- at least one composition written in or after 2005
- at least one composition by a Dutch composer

The compulsory composition (7 min) will be written by the Dutch composer Guus Janssen. The length of this composition should be included in the total length of the programme. The works played in the preliminary rounds can be presented again in the Second or Third round. The use of electronic/theatrical elements is allowed. Please note that you are responsible for providing all the technical information and files (audio, video, patches, etc) for the realisation of your performance no later than four weeks before the start of the Prix. The winner is obliged to perform one or more works of his/her programme at the final concert during the Prix Annelie de Man 2018.
During the final rounds two instruments will be available. Please note that there will be limited time to practice on the instruments before the competition. The winner will be requested to mention the Prix Annelie de Man in his/her cv.
The decisions of the jury are final.

Applications will be accepted until 01 January 2018 at this address:
Annelie de Man Foundation
Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 3
1015RT Amsterdam – the Netherlands

or by email:

Video files or DVD’s have to be received before 01 January 2018 at the address of the Annelie de Man Foundation. For sending large files please use the free service

The harpsichordists competition is open for players born on or after May 21st, 1988. There are no application fees and no nationality restrictions. Sent materials will not be returned to sender.
The candidates should supply the following information:
- Personal data (complete name, address, email, telephone number(s), place and date of birth, website or online links).
- Copy of valid passport.
- List of the works to be performed during the preliminary rounds, mentioning clearly: composer name, composition title, year of composition, instrumentation, exact length.


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Competition Schedule
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Competition Regulations
Download the Prix 2018 Regulations here.
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