It is with great pleasure that we present the Foundation Annelie de Man.
Annelie was not only a brilliant musician, but also an prominent pedagogue who
inspired many harpsichordists and composers to take interest in contemporary
literature for the instrument. With this foundation we hope to further her work and invite you to visit this site and examine its content.

The Board of the Foundation Annelie de Man

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Prizes Prix Annelie de Man 2018
1st prize: Victoria Lerche
2nd Prize: Franjo Bilic
Donemus Prize: Magdalena Jones

1st prize: Aart Strootman
2nd prize: Margareta Ferenc-Petric
Audience prize also Margareta Ferenc-Petric

Black Pencil Prize:
1st prize: Fred Momotenko
Honorary Mention: Cinzia Nistico
Documentary Annelie de Man

Documentary Annelie de Man is now online!